Are You Using a Customer Relationship Management Tool for Your Small Business?

If not, you definitely should consider it.

On the show yesterday, I mentioned the Streak Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.

I firmly support the use of a tool like Streak, and encourage any startup that will be building and maintaining relationships with customers through email to use Streak or something like it.

Streak integrates marvelously with Google’s Gmail, if that is your email tool. It’s free to start, and it’s very powerful at that level.

If you have a customer relationship team, it handles that, too.

Streak also does Work In Progress (WIP) or Kanban pipelines for project management, too.

If you want to try it, please use this link. Any funds I get through this will directly benefit, so it all goes for good.

Author: Jim McLaughlin

Aerospace Engineer & Mathematician, Retired Senior Manager – Boeing, R&D Program Management, Innovation Process & Strategy, Prior (Failed) Candidate for State Representative, Consultant to Small Businesses, SBIR and Aerospace R&D opportunity pursuit, Program & proposal management, Business & product strategy, Researcher, Writer, Presenter, Creativity Techniques, Entrepreneurship Mentoring

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