Information for Guests

Enjoy Your Show!

Thank you for being our guest on Chester Masterminds

5-6pm, Wednesdays on

Contacts: Jim McLaughlin, 610-348-9879, Jean-Pierre (“Uncle P”) Brice, 484-802-2383

Hello and thank you for joining us.  We’re excited to have you on our show and look forward to making it a great experience for you.  Here are a few guidelines that we hope help to make your appearance a success.

  1. CMPRadio.Net is a startup and not yet profitable, so any contributions to make it stronger for everyone.  There are a range of advertising/sponsorship options available, if you or your business are able to do so.  We trust you to judge the value of the platform to your business.
  2. We’re targeting a group of listeners who are business owners and community members seeking information, insights, networking, mentoring, and collaboration around improving their own personal or their organization’s economic prosperity.
  3. We invite you to send us a short video introducing your business if you do something that is beyond just words. This is especially important for any artistic endeavors.
  4. We have a general set of topics we plan to cover on the show.  We’re highly open to expanding this, but it will give you a general idea of what we plan to talk about (in layman’s terms, we’ll try to avoid too much jargon).
    • The Business Plan
      • Customer Segments, Customer Relationships, Channels, Value Propositions (Qualitative, Quantitative), Key Activities, Key Resources (human, financial, physical and intellectual), Key Partners, Cost Structure (value- or cost-driven), Revenue Streams
    • Sector & Product strategy
    • Technology strategy
    • Economic analysis
    • The innovation process 
    • Ideation
    • Government & Nonprofit small business investment programs
    • Networking
    • Marketing & Advertising
    • Creativity Techniques
    • Your Business Operating System
Baldrige Excellence Framework
  1. During COVID, we offer two options for the show:
    • In our actual studio @ 601 Upland Ave, Brookhaven, Suite 222. Jim is fully vaccinated, and we stay clean and safe.
    • On our virtual studio, StreamYard, They provide guest instructions, too.  We suggest that you log in, set up an account, and, if you have a green-screen at your location, consider if you want to have a background image projected behind you.  Keep it clean, obviously. We recommend using a well-lit area with a good internet connection.
  2. Show schedule
    • We ask that you join the show using the link 10-15 minutes beforehand to make sure that we can see you and so we can resolve any issues or answer questions.
    • The general schedule is:
      • 5 minutes of introduction
      • Up to 25 minutes of interview discussion
        • General topics you should be prepared to discuss are:
          • Intro, Bio
          • Your Startup/Origin Story (How does your business reflect you or your founder?)
          • Developing & Refining your Business Plan
          • Challenges, Successes, & Advice
          • Resources
          • Networking
          • Reflections or comments on the weekly topic
          • Q&A targeted to your market sector
          • Personal Messages
      • A short break when Jim or JP talk about what CMPRadio is about
      • Up to 25 minutes of Q&A with the guest and online commenters
        • Early on, as we build listenership, your own common questions are also welcomed so that we can provide information to the community as well as give you more time to elaborate on your business and/or experiences.
      • 5 minutes to review and wrap up
  3. You’re invited to stay on the show throughout, and we welcome any feedback on the show or your experiences.  We want every show to be valuable and to get better continuously.
  4. You should be able to view your show shortly after airing on Facebook and YouTube.

Finally, we’re always looking for guests, so if you know anyone interested, we’re interested and happy to talk.  We’re specifically looking for:

  • Business leaders seeking opportunities to share lessons learned and engage current & future stakeholders/employees/customers on their value proposition
    • This can be linked to advertising, we hope.
  • Organizational leaders seeking opportunities to raise awareness, share lessons learned, and engage current & future stakeholders/volunteers/donors on their issues
  • Entrepreneurial and business development organizations seeking an additional channel for engaging and identifying clients

Some ticklers are:

  • Local business owners
  • Youth business builders
  • Area entrepreneurial skill development & networking groups
  • Small Business Groups (SCORE, SBDC, PTAC, etc.)
  • Regional/National business owners
  • Educators, Researchers
  • Community Leaders & Organizers

Again, we’re grateful for your time and dedication to raising awareness and skills in the Chester area.  We believe in the tremendous potential for growth in this vital area, and we’re trying to make a difference any way we can.

Thank you and have a great show!

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